Now in MANASSAS MALL, Safest, with cool colors Hoverboard: Safety Certifiedboards by Ride QuickBoard

Safest Hoverboard Available in MANASSAS MALL, with Samsung Battery + Taotao Motherboards (CE, ROHS safety Certified Hoverboards)

Our goal is to provide you hoverboards that are easy to balance, long-lasting and free from accidental fire. Nowadays, many self-balancing two-wheeled boards are powered by lithium-ion batteries. There have been reported instances of defective batteries or chargers, which have either short-circuited or overheated, causing devices to self-ignite. Several injuries have been reported from board-related incidents. Therefore, we have a challenge to provide you with safe, strong and long lasting hoverboards.

The great combination of the certified charger, Samsung battery and the TaoTao motherboard makes QuickBoard hoverboards the SAFEST in the market against accidental fires. We cannot compromise with your safety, which is why we have made QuickBoard to be such safe, high quality and long-lasting hoverboards.